A vision for Hailsham

A vision for the revitalisation of the town centre and the business community of Hailsham.

The vision for Hailsham is a town where your opinion matters and common sense prevails, where the opinion, knowledge and expertise of residents and the business community helps make it a better place.

What we want to achieve ...

... a thriving town centre and town-wide business community

... a vibrant diverse and independent economy

... a place for young people to find suitable employment

... a community space that residents and visitors want to visit

Key proposals:

  • Building a culture of collaboration
  • Specialist Markets
  • Town Centre Floral Displays
  • Zero tolerance on dilapidated buildings
  • Street Market
  • Promotion of Hailsham’s markets including the Farmers’ Market
  • Improvements to public transport infrastructure
  • Movement and access around Hailsham and Hellingly
  • Industrial Estates Access and Parking
  • Communication with parties both inside and outside Hailsham
  • Town & Shopping Guide – maintain and expand scheme to include more local information
  • Sports & Youth Facilities – improvement to health & wellbeing of local residents
  • Provision of low cost start up business units.
  • Establish Keep Trade Local Campaign
  • Encourage links between education and business focussing on employment & training
  • Safety & Security

This is what Hailsham Forward CIC thinks but we need your view on what should happen to revitalise the town centre and business community in Hailsham.